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About Weald – an IT Support provider covering the South East.

About Weald

Mike Nelson introduces the company and some of the things about Weald that set it apart from some of its more sales driven competitors.

What we do:

We act as your IT function, acting for you, to help your business succeed. A flexible and capable team that will enhance your IT – whether you want to outsource all of your IT or just part of it, we have a solution for you.

Why we do it:

We have a passion to keep learning in order to provide leadership to our staff and clients.  Because of this, we consider it our duty to help our clients in their business to get the best out of IT.

How we do it

As your IT partner, our job is to listen to your requirements and use our experience, skills and partnerships to find solutions to your challenges.  Our advice is impartial, we have no targets and our staff, including those with a sales role, come from a technical background. In order to benefit your business, we recognise that we must keep evolving our systems, staff and processes ahead of general demand

We are a strong and stable choice for any business seeking a serious IT Partner.   Above all, we are transparent and plan with detail to provide a certain outcome.

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