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About Weald – an IT Support provider covering the South East.

About Weald

Mike Nelson introduces the company and some of the things about Weald that set it apart from some of its more sales driven competitors.

What we do:

We provide IT Support and Solutions to businesses across the South East from bases in Uckfield, Brighton and Portsmouth. We are focused on SME Business (typically from 10 to 200 users) and have clients in a broad range of sectors.  We ensure that our clients gain commercial value from our services – our success is your success.

Why we do it:

We are passionate about IT and what we can do with it to help businesses get what they need to thrive.  We constantly invest our time and money in trying the latest things so that we can recommend (or not) to others.  As IT people it is our duty to help our clients whose chosen profession is not IT.

How we do it

We have been established for over 30 years, now employing approx 20 staff and supporting 140 businesses. Our business is service, not sales and our focus is the long term retention of clients by providing a valuable IT addition to their business.

We are necessarily an ever evolving operation – IT changes constantly, as thus we re-train and evolve too. The move to Internet based services, applications and the subscription model has changed our operation.

Supporting people, not devices is an important change – because each person is likely to have a desktop, a laptop, a home PC, a Smartphone and maybe even a tablet.

A change in focus to the upskilling of people in the use of new technologies like SharePoint and OneDrive as file servers are replaced. These services are reliable, always on and maintained by Microsoft. Our job rarely entails using a screwdriver or attending site.

The more advanced functions such as Data Loss Protection (DLP) are gaining a little momentum as we start to see companies take GDPR more seriously.

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