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Hosting options and pricing – call us to find out more

Hosting at Wealdnet

Hosting handled for you.

Excellent prices, unlimited options.

Trade welcome, other ISP's and Web companies use Weald.

  • Web site registration
  • DNS management
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Hosted Virtual Servers (VPS)
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Co Location - put your physical servers in our racks
  • Secure Certificates - from single to wildcard
  • Secure Access via SSL VPN
  • Options for Backup and Replication
  • Options for maintenance & patching
  • Subscriptions available for Trend AV, Office, Windows 10 Pro, Server 2016, SQL and more.

Weald offers SPLA licencing as well as being a Microsoft CSP.  This allows us to licence and deploy Windows Servers, Windows desktops and other Server and Office products in our data centre all on a simple monthly billing.  Quantities are able to flex within contract.

Pricing information (all ex. VAT)

Reg & DNS (inc registrar fees)
£ 19.99 per annum or £ 2.00 per month

Web Site hosting (includes Reg & DNS)
£ 119.00 per annum or £ 10.00 per month

Can be either Windows (IIS) or Linux based Hosting.  WordPress and various standard CMS are supported.

Dedicated VPS (Virtual private servers)
Can be Windows or Linux
From £ 100/month for a 4 core, 100GB, 4GB RAM
Backup included.
On resilient virtual infrastructure split between two geographically separate T3 data centres.


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