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Backup and Replication options and pricing – find out more

Backup and Replication - options and pricing

We offer full backup and replication services and all the practical advice you need to make a decision on what your company needs.  Weald operates to ISO9001:2015 and ISO27001 (The information security standard).

How quickly do you need to get back running ? ( RTO - recovery time objective)
What point does your data need restoring to ( RPO - recovery point objective).

Don't forget about the speed of the device that you are backing up or replicating to.

How long do you need to keep your data (retention period).
Do you have a big enough device to achieve this?
Do you need to use a cloud service for storage?
Do you use SQL? (using SQL Backups?)
Do you use Office 365?  How does that get backed up?

Have you though about the implications of GDPR on backup?

Are your backups visible to your local network?  could be a problem if ransomware can see them.

Are your backups encrypted?

Do you have somewhere to go for DR testing.  Booked quarterly?

Lots of questions here - we would love to talk to your about answers and solutions to these questions.


Pricing for Backup and Replication

This is not an easy thing to price as the options are wide & varied.  We can however give some guidelines.


Most clients using Shadow Protect do not "buy" their backup software outright because Weald is an MSP for Storagecraft.  We offer rental of this software:

Rental is between £ 25 & 35.00 per server per month.

This then allows us to backup both locally to a NAS box and sync back to Weald to either shared storage or to your own NAS box which we can co-locate for you in our racks.

We charge £ 50.00 per month to keep a NAS at Weald and this includes all the power and bandwidth required.  Weald has a 200/1000 Internet Leased line.

We offer Shared Storage too, usually for the smaller client - as for lots of data it is cheaper to own your own storage and co-locate.


Usually for the larger client, Veeam is priced differently.  Outright purchase of the software on a per core basis.  Veeam has both backup and replication.  Replication is an option in which the servers replicate to a turned off virtual machine.  This means that in case of disaster, the virtual machine can then be powered up and run.

Backup or Replication can be synced to Weald.  If using replication, ideally you will own a server which will be co-located at Weald so that you have a server you can simply make live and use if disaster strikes your own servers or premises.

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