Data Connectivity Solutions for business.

Trusted Providers

We provide Data connectivity solutions from a range of trusted providers ensuring that you stay connected within agreed SLA's.

Our impartial approach means that we will carry out a search of the available options in your local exchange, thus being able to recommend a suitable range of connections and providers.

Because connections improve constantly and the prices keep dropping, it is wise to review your connections and contracts regularly.

Fibre to the Premises
Fibre to the Cabinet
Internet Leased Lines

Failover is an important decision when choosing a connection for a business that relies on cloud services.


With the increased use of Hosted Business Voice, it has become ever more important to have high quality connectivity to ensure that your conversations are clear and uninterrupted.  Because the goalposts have changed somewhat with covid and homeworking, we now also keep abreast of the home connection market too.

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Why use Weald?

Our impartial advice and wide range of leading partners will get you the best possible solution for your business.

You will pay no more to come via a partner, and in the process we gain management access and visibility to your connection.  This greatly assists us if you call us to resolve a fault for you.

Hosted Business Voice

Another good reason to consider using Weald is due to our extensive experience in the voice arena. Where many providers will handle either data or voice, we handle both and full understand all the implications and tweaks to get the best for you.

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