What is an IT Support Provider?

An IT Support provider is a company that may be engaged to support and manage all or part of an organisation’s Information Technology systems. This could be to save money on internal IT staff, or it may be to enhance an internal IT team. IT Support providers increase the breadth of knowledge and the availability of support because they are a ‘team’ of people rather than a single resource.

Typically, the IT provider will offer support for Information Technology which will include Servers, Microsoft 365, Software, Phone Systems, website hosting, mobile devices, desktops and laptops. Essentially, subject to the size of organisation it may be all or part of the IT systems.

What should you look for in an IT Support Provider?

The greatest factor is that you must trust this person or company. You are providing them with credentials that allow full access to your data and quite likely to provide backup of your systems. It is also likely that you have entrusted them to manage or renew your web site and probably Microsoft 365 management and billing.

How long has the provider been trading?
Does it have a good track record and references?
Do they feel right for your business? are the people like you ?
Do their accounts stack up? filed on time, full set of accounts, strong balance sheet?
A correctly filed set of accounts will show employee numbers. Does it match what they state?
Are their skills right for the type of business you are in?
How is their ratio of staff? more technical or more sales?
Is the IT Support provider ‘pushing’ product or providing advice?

Are they secure and certified?

Typical qualifications for an IT Support provider would be ISO27001 which is the Information Security standard and this will likely be paired with ISO9001 which is a business stakeholder standards system.
Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus are more accessible for smaller providers though not as complete.

Do they have internal Quality Control and Auditing?

It is essential that after a major change or an on-boarding of a new client that the documentation, monitoring and standards are all checked as well as ensuring that the job and equipment specification is all as per agreement.

Do they have internal checks across departments? Do management audit the technicians work?

How do you know their Staff are suitable to work for you?

How does the IT Support provider recruit staff? What tests do they go through to ensure suitability ?
What are the staff starter and leaver procedures? (think about security)
Who can you complain to if you have a problem?
Are their reviews about you or about them?

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IT Support Provider
What is an IT Support Provider?