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IT Support Pricing

IT Support Pricing per hour to fixed rates to banked hours

Pricing Options

Onsite and remote support for your hardware and software with guaranteed SLA’s based on typical ITIL definitions.

Remote Only Helpdesk

£ 10.00 per user per month
Minimum charge (per client) £ 100/month

Server Support (P1)

Windows Server per month including industry leading remote management and monitoring services - £ 50/server/month

Server Hardware Support

Server (hardware host) per month, P1 response and will include all parts, labour & loan kit - £ 50/server/month.

Software Subscriptions 

Items such as Anti Virus, Microsoft 365 and other licencing may be paid monthly on the same contract.

Data Security

Offering a number of solutions for backup and disaster recovery, compliance and threat protection, we provide peace of mind knowing that your systems and storage are secure.

Backup and Replication Options

Shared storage and co-location options at our Uckfield Office and in our T3 data centre location at Reading (Pulsant).

Repositories are provided in house for Shadow Protect and Veeam as well as making use of the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Ad-Hoc and Banked Hours System

Some clients prefer a system of banked hours which are drawn down by the use of helpdesk and engineer tickets.

40 hours = £3000/£75.00 hour
20 hours = £1700/£85.00 hour

The normal hourly rate is £ 95.00.


For site work out of contract we charge the first full hour, then 15 minute blocks thereafter.  We typically do not charge call out within our normal operating area.


Non contractual remote work is charged on the basis of 15 min blocks at £23.75 per 15 mins.

Day rates

Basic PC type engineer work = £ 500/day 250 half
Standard Network engineer = £ 660/day 330 half
Senior engineer (consultant) = £ 750/day 375 half

Regular call pro-active IT outsourcing

Take the monthly pricing model for servers and helpdesk, then add £ 300 per half day - either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Alternatively, book regular calls and draw down from banked hours.

it247 - Waking Hours and 24/7 Upgrades

Fully in-house resourced 24/7 shift solution.

Waking Hours:
6 am to 11 pm 7 days a week (we call this waking hours)
Uplift of £ 300 to existing contract.

Full 24/7 option for those that operate through the night.
Uplift of £600 to existing contract.

All prices ex. VAT

Long Term Outsourcing (Embedded Support)

Where our clients are needing to fulfil a longer term need, such as their in-house IT support person going on sabbatical or long term sick, we are able to provide a permanent on-site presence, or where required, perhaps 2-3 days per week or similar. Offering very similar rates to that of an IT-Contractor that you might get from a recruitment company, but with the added advantage that this person is an employee of Weald, with full access to Weald resources and escalation path.

Not just a person, but a team

Click Here - For more information on embedded engineer

Backup and Replication Options and Pricing

Office 365 Pricing 

Office 365 Support

Helpdesk - Get Support !