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Embedded On-Site Engineer

We offer an on-site embedded engineer to provide everything from general IT Support to project work.

This is intended for clients who are close to needing to employ their own person, but just not quite enough work.

We take the pain of recruitment away – we have tried and tested engineers waiting to go, we are constantly recruiting, training and adding capacity – ready for our next new assignment.

Through documented systems and processes, we cover you for holidays and sickness from within our own team or if you choose, we can cover from helpdesk and credit back for the on-site element for the time the engineer is away.


What do we do?

Typically, we will provide you a suitable engineer 1, 2, or 3 days per week.

Assuming your requirement is reasonably long term, we will provide an engineer at very close to that of an IT contractor, with the added advantage that our engineer has a team to support him.

Depends largely on length of commitment and type of work.
Priced competitively enough to be attractive against both contractors and permanent staff.

Talk to us about an embedded on-site engineer – it works really well and we can organise opportunity for you to talk to other clients who will happily provide references for this service.

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