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Office 365 Support in Sussex and Hampshire

Office 365 Support

Office 365 is now by far the most common platform for Weald’s clients.
Around 85% of our client base us office 365 in one form or another
We support, migrate and implement Office 365 solutions.

Conversant with all the more advanced features which are required when looking to comply with various standards such as GDPR, Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001.

Just some of the excellent features include:Office 365 Support by Microsoft Silver
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
MFA (2FA) Multi Factor Authentication
Data Governance and retention policies
Not allowing blanket forwarding to external domains (transport rules)
The list goes on.

It has been interesting to note when taking on new clients, even those with top plans like E3 (Enterprise level), that the security features mentioned above have not been used, even in organisations where security is paramount due to the required retention of personal patient records, whether those be financial, medical, dental or psychological.

As Microsoft continue to invest and expand on the features within Office 365, we keep on implementing them.

PowerApps is an example of an under used, but hugely powerful feature – capable of connecting to your internally hosted Microsoft SQL Server and effectively putting a Web Based front end (that looks sort of like Access Databases of old).  Really powerful tool, then makes your SQL data available on your mobile phone.

At Weald we used PowerApps to connect our contract database to a simple look up on mobile phones, however, this could also be used to allow engineers to update job records when on the road.  All this within hours of first starting to use the application.  In previous years we have spent many thousands of pounds paying software developers to create the same solution.  This really is empowering clients to get more for less.

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