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Our Team

from the old hands to the new blood

Mike Nelson, Managing Director

The man with ``THE PLAN``

Mike Nelson co-founded Weald in 1988.  With a strong technical and accounting ability he started off installing networked accounting systems using products like Pegasus and Novell.  His interest in technology continues and he remains hands on at a high level particularly in the area of Microsoft 365 security and compliance.

Outside interests include swimming, cycling and is a keen motoring enthusiast.

Tom Winchester, Sales Director

An impartial advisor without targets, not your average sales guy.

Tom joined Weald 10 years go as an engineer, quickly progressing to a senior Level, then outsourced as an IT Manager on a part time basis for several clients.  We recognised Tom was different, an engineer with the ability to communicate at all levels is a rare thing, so whilst he still retains some key clients as an engineer, his role is now solutions sales and account management – but of course with the mind of an engineer.

Outside the office, Tom is a keen motorcyclist, traveller and if not riding – he’ll be drinking malt whisky

Hazel Morris, Operations Director

The lady who MAKES things happen, NOW!

Hazel joined us more than 12 years ago after relocating from Lincoln.  A Northern lass who doesn’t accept many excuses, task focused and detail minded – she keeps our engineers all pointing in the right direction.  One of our commitments is “planning with detail to provide a certain outcome”, which nicely sums up what Hazel does.

Outside the office, Hazel can generally be found at Knockhatch adventure park with her two children or sampling gin of various flavours.

Cenk Ozkan, Our Senior Project Engineer & consultant

A client once described Cenk as ``the man with two brains``

Cenk joined us way back in 1998 as we started our growth, he is truly our first engineer and first employee.  A real engineer, logistician and a dog with a bone when it comes to difficult problems, though briefly dabbling in management – his heart is still in the real work and the learning of new technologies.  He remains hands on and current, installing chunky servers and SANs most weekends of the year.

Outside the office, Cenk likes riding motorcycles and walking the dog.

Laura Churchman, Sales Administrator

Processing your orders in a positive and friendly manner.

Having joined Weald in 2013, Laura has certainly got to know what it’s like to work with introverted technicians and become conversant in all things IT.  Fortunately, her Dad is an IT man too!.

Outside the office, Laura keeps chickens and likes weekends away in her Bongo.

Barry St.John-Poulton, Director

You will hear from Barry rarely, but if you do, it'll be about money

Co-founder of Weald back in 1988, Barry was the Sales element whilst Mike was the Tech.  Back in the day, we were an HP Centre of Excellence, with Barry winning some record breaking deals and getting us in the Trade Press.  Times changed, and Barry is now happy to let the company run whilst helping with a little debt chasing when required.

Outside the office, Barry enjoys cycling, walking and controlling his three teenage lads.

Arron Sanders, 3rd Line Support Technician

Quietly working through problems in the background

With 13 years service under his belt, Arron knows Weald and it’s clients very well.  He’s seen significant change in that time, moving from on-premise to cloud, from physical to virtual – as with other old hands, it’s a comfort to know the people who know the old ways are still around.

Outside of Weald, Arron likes frequent holidays in the sun and is another dog lover.

Kieran Everett, On-Site Technician

Multitasker extraordinaire - he was ``Mr Helpdesk`` before moving to on-site work.

Kieran joined us in 2013 as a 1st line apprentice, quickly progressing to 2nd line and becoming known for being hugely productive and efficient.  His call processing and minute logging on helpdesk remain unbeaten.  Kieran likes to be continuously challenged so he now handles migrations, installations and regular call clients.  Kieran is soon to take on a new additional challenge as special advisor to helpdesk, simply to see if his methods can help us become more efficient.

Outside the office, Kieran spends most of his time in Coffee shops around the county.

Andrew Bennett, On-Site Technician

Outsourced to a key client 3 days a week, we don't see Andrew enough.

Andrew joined Weald in 2011, coming from a PAT testing company and prior to that spending 4 years studying mechanical engineering.  So, 9 years later, he’s converted that engineers mind to IT and is renowned for a methodical, documented approach with excellent communication skills.

Outside of Weald, Andrew puts his original passion to good use, restoring and modifying classic cars.

Marco Royes, On-Site Technician

Regular on-site clients enjoy Marco's friendly demeanour and positive approach

Marco joined Weald in 2019 as a 1st line Helpdesk technician.  It was evident within a few months that his customer service skills and positive attitude would allow us to deploy him to best advantage as an outsourced engineer.  Good decision, he has delivered.

Outside of Weald, Marco keeps himself fit with gym and boxing and is a lover of the “vorsprung durch technik” both in terms of the car and it’s true meaning.

Hannah Thompson, 2nd Line Support Technician

``Helpdesk Hannah``, always gives great customer service.

Hannah joined our helpdesk in 2015, one of our first East Sussex recruits when we moved to Uckfield from Haywards Heath.  She has progressed to become a very popular 2nd line, typically taking on the longer and more complex new set up work.  She has since relocated to Redhill, which destroyed our green intentions – since resolved by covid and home working.

Outside of Weald, Hannah is also a dog lover.. hmm there’s a theme here.

Toni Carrera, 2nd Line Support Technician

Known to his colleagues as T-Dawg, Toni has a dedicated client following.

This exotically named fellow is an ex policeman, loves documentation – “I was proceeding in a southerly direction when a client apprehended me to ask a question about SQL”.  This methodical style is extremely popular, as is the attentive and friendly nature that is Toni.

Outside of Weald, Toni sits in his gaming chair with many screens surrounding him.

Stewart Mullen, 2nd Line Support Technician

The Tunbridge Wells connection

Extensive experience in the 1st and 2nd line support role, plus more recently working in the field installing CCTV and access control systems.  Stewart fitted our requirements well due to practical hands on knowledge of some of the more traditional (older) technologies that some of our younger team members struggle with.  Customer reviews tell us that his customer service ethic is aligned with ours.

Rob Smith, Customer Service Technician

The man with the silver tongue, he's there to make things happen for our clients.

Rob joined as an apprentice in 2017 having gained specific qualifications in customer service and had experience as an insurance claims handler.  Three years later, it is fair to say his technical abilities are nearing 2nd line and he’s managed to retain the silver tongue and empathetic abilities of the claims handler.

Outside the office, Rob has a unique ability to seek out and purchase the worst cars on the market for miles around.

Alex Dickinson, 1st Line Support

True local service with a smile, Alex comes from Ringmer where he used to support the locals with PC help

Alex joined in 2019 during our programme of introducing trainee 1st lines, often from outside the industry.  He had completed a BTEC IT practitioners exam in 2008 demonstrating interest and aptitude though since had worked in catering.  We gave him the opportunity to work in IT, and it paid off.  Alex is now a key member of the Weald team.

Outside the office, Alex continues his interest in catering..much to the benefit of his colleagues on helpdesk, at least until covid made us all work from home.

Chris Atkinson, 3rd Line Support Technician

Through and through techie, can't leave a problem unsolved.

New to Weald in September 2020, in line with our policy of employing local people, Chris comes from Eastbourne.  Whilst Chris had not worked for a reseller before, his key product skills aligned, as well as passing our stringent tests with flying colours.  We are certain that he will progress quickly.

Outside the office, Chris still cannot leave the tech alone – with quad-copters, flight footage and an array of Linux machines running on “Raspberry Pi”.

Helpdesk - Get Support !