A free Microsoft 365 Review with Weald IT could make your business more secure and save money. Contact Us to find out how, or call 01444 241381

Reduce Waste

Why waste money paying for software licences that you are not using?

Do you have a licence that provides overlap with other subscriptions? For example Microsoft 365 Business Premium contains Anti Virus. Do you also pay for AV instead of using the built in licence ?

Increase Security

Do you have Business Premium, but have not fully made use of the advanced cyberthreat protection against viruses and phishing attacks?

Have you made use of enterprise Endpoint Protection and Management?

A Microsoft 365 Review with Weald IT could help your business become more secure and save some money in the process. Is there a good reason not to have a review with us?

Did you know that using Business Premium..
You can join all PC’s to the Entra Domain
Use Entra to audit
Enforce MFA
Use Endpoint protection
Attack Surface Reduction
Enforce policy on Mobile Devices
Use Vulnerability Management and Remediation to identify risks
And much more..