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IT Support in Crawley – Welland Medical

IT Support Crawley

IT Support in Crawley for Welland Medical.  In this video Mathew Wynn talks about Welland Medical’s long relationship with Weald – and their current arrangement for a regular assigned engineer. Weald provides full outsourced IT Support for Welland, and has done since 1999.  

We have regular on-site visits to several clients in Crawley due to our Outsourced IT function.  For Welland Medical, we provide a Senior Engineer who oversees the infrastructure and supports Welland’s Internal 1st Line Engineer.

Long standing client relationships with clients like Welland Medical shows that Weald is testimony to the fact that we are committed to service and are evolving with our clients needs.  Welland has grown significantly since 1999, and so has Weald.  

Providing IT Support is a changing landscape as the gradual but inexorable move to Internet (Cloud) based applications and services means that Weald’s focus is more about supporting applications and helping clients gain value and advantage from IT rather than simply keeping it working.  Yes, it is still true to say that users need supporting at the desktop, and that connectivity is hugely important – but today, the servers or indeed the main ‘line of business’ application might well be in Microsoft Azure or similar.

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