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IT Support Crawley – Co Managed Outsourced IT

IT Support in Crawley for Welland Medical.  In this video Mathew Wynn talks about Welland Medical’s long relationship with Weald and their current arrangement for a regular assigned engineer.

Weald provides co-managed IT Support for Welland, and has done since 1999.  Initially, we provided fully managed IT Support but as Welland grew, we assisted the transition to a co-managed arrangement.

We have regular on-site visits to several clients in Crawley due to our Outsourced IT function.  We provide a Senior Engineer who oversees the infrastructure and supports Welland’s Internal engineer.  

Providing IT Support is a changing landscape. The move to Internet (Cloud) based applications and services means that Weald’s focus is more about supporting applications and helping clients gain value and advantage from IT.   

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