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IT Support in Hove – actually

IT Support in Hove is actually rather easy for Weald to provide as we have a good number of staff living in Kemptown, Brighton and Hove.  In this video Rachel from Design LSM talks about Weald and her experience of IT support.

Design LSM are based in Hove, as are a good number of Weald engineers. Design LSM’s assigned regular Outsourced IT engineer is in fact Weald’s Sales Director who lives just a few streets away – and was originally one of Weald’s Senior Engineers.

In Weald terms, Design LSM is a relatively new client – around 6 years at the moment in 2020, in that time we have migrated to Office 365 (for email), introduced VoIP telephones, Leased Lines, moved premises, provided greater security and backup and of course, that regular reassuring on-site presence where we are the sole IT function for Design LSM.

Weald supports not only PC’s but Apple too – which in Brighton and Hove is essential.  Many of our clients have a mix of Apple and PC, plus various other devices.  We support people not devices.

Modern subscription based services for IT Support are the norm. 
Click this link to our IT Support Pricing to see.

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