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IT Support | Ridgeview

IT Support for Manufacturing – Ridgeview Winery in Ditchling

IT Support for Manufacturing is a key sector for Weald. With names like Ridgeview, Welland Medical, Higgidy Pies as very long standing clients, we are very much aware of the critical role that we play. We are responsible, responsive and in some cases, 24/7.

In this video Tamara Roberts, CEO of Ridgeview Wine Estate tells us about her family relationship with Weald. Initially as a local competitor, but later as clients when the Roberts family sold their IT business and moved into Wine making. As well as providing a complete set of IT Support and Services for over 10 years, Tamara talks about how Weald go the extra mile to help, even when events are unplanned.

IT Support Options and Pricing

Office 365 Options and Pricing

Ridgeview, despite being quite a large local winery – have fairly modest IT requirements. They use Weald for remote helpdesk support, on-site when needed, and contracted P1 support for the critical items. They have good IT skills in-house and do not have the need of a regular on-site engineer.

Ridgeview Wine Estate
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