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IT Support in Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath

IT Support in Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath

We provide IT Support and Managed Services in Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath.  IT Support services are not just about break fix, but about helping your business take advantage of the power of modern cloud technology and high speed internet.

We were based in Burgess Hill in the late 1980’s at 247 London Road, before moving to Ditchling Common Ind Est in 1988, then to Haywards Heath in 2010.

Many of our staff still live in Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath including our two shareholding directors.

Our support services range from the basic IT Support and Managed Services function to helping you transform your business to take advantage the changing technology landscape.

Embedded IT Support IT-Support-Helpdesk

A Weald technician acts as a fully outsourced member of staff for a client.  Anything from 1/2 day per month to a number of days per week on a client site.

Acting as their IT Manager / Support technician but with the advantage of team backing covering sickness and holidays.  

This is a named and dedicated engineer to which the client has access to directly.

Remote Support (per user per month)

Our helpdesk has a permanent staff of 10 – ranging from 1st line to 3rd line.  Highly skilled and experienced, this team works to tight deadlines and is constantly pushing to keep the overall SLA statistics in line with our set goals.

Remote support using Cloud Consoles is the most efficient method of support and control of client environments.

A combination of IT Support and Managed services

Every client has a unique set of needs which accomadate using a mix of services from our portfolio.

Banked Hours (STAFF IT) or Pay as you go.

No contract is required to deal with Weald – you can simply pay Ad-Hoc or get discount by buying hours in a block.  Driving the cost per hour from £ 95 down to £70.

Flexible as standard

Free annual reviews, more often if needed for larger clients.

No contract required

Monthly subscription to services, no contract, no leaving fee – low risk to change to Weald.
Being practical, we would suggest a 60-90 day period is needed with a parallel handover too and from any IT supplier.


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