Document Classification in Office 365

In Office 365, when using OneDrive or SharePoint, it is possible to set labels at document level.  The benefit of using ‘Document Classification’ is that it makes it easier and more automated when complying to standards like ISO27001 and GDPR in which it may be demanded that labels are applied.

Sensitivity allows you to define a ‘tooltip’ which tells a user what the intention of the label is, and how the document should be treated.  It might relate to whether it should be encrypted, whether it is marketing, whether it needs to be internal only (i.e. prevented from being sent out), or whether it is highly confidential and distribution should be treated carefully.

Retention allows you to define how long you want to keep a document (once labelled) and at what point you might want to automatically delete it (i.e 6 or 7 years).

There is an ‘auto apply’ function in order to classify older imported data.

Sensitivity is best used and set from within the Office Application (Word, Excel).

Retention is best used from the OneDrive or SharePoint web interface.

Policies may be written to auto-apply based on certain rules.

Please see the Document Classification Help PDF

This is not a detailed and exhaustive document, just a quick how to get it working at a basic level.  If your firm would like assistance, please talk to us – Mike Nelson or Tom Winchester. 01444 241381