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IT Support Worthing, Managed IT Services – Worthing

IT Support Worthing, Managed IT Services -Worthing

We provide IT Support in Worthing, Littlehampton and Rustington.  With old friends and clients like Turning Tides, LoveHolidays, Chatsworth Forge and Engineering, Maidment Tankers and Caremark based in the area, we have excellent references and are active along this part of the Sussex coast.

From bases in Uckfield, Brighton and Portsmouth – along with deliberate recruiting of engineers who live in Worthing, Arundel and beyond – we are well placed to respond in an effective fast and proactive manner.  We serve clients in Littlehampton, Rustington, Chichester, Portsmouth, Southampton through to Lyndhurst in the New Forest.

We have 20 staff, a turnover of around £2m and around 120 clients across the counties of Sussex and Hampshire.  We are a service driven company that is dedicated to providing its clients the service that they tell us they want.  We listen to our clients and build services around their needs – we do not have a sales agenda – our company is built on the long term retention of clients and staff.

Our support services range…

Remote Support (per user per month)

Our helpdesk has a permanent staff of 9 – ranging from 1st line to 3rd line.  Some of these staff are available on a dedicated basis per client and act as an outsourced IT support person but without the on-site element.  In today’s world whilst face to face is a pleasant experience it is not entirely necessary and it is more cost efficient to work remotely.

A combination of IT Support and Managed services

Realistically, every Weald client has a unique set of needs and to meet with those needs we put together a mix of services, products and support options that typically are on a monthly subscription.  This might include x number of hours per week on site, support of x number of people remotely, Anti Virus for all devices, Office 365 billed by Weald, Domain Hosting, specific response times for specific business functions.

Banked Hours (STAFF IT) or Pay as you go.

You don’t have to have a specific monthly contract.  You can just purchase a block of hours and draw those down as required in blocks of 15 minutes for remote work.  We don’t expire these hours so they could sit in the bank for years if your business simply doesn’t need IT support at that time.  The more hours you buy, the cheaper the hourly rate – so we do have some clients buying around 50 hours per month, and using them.

Embedded IT SupportIT-Support-Helpdesk

Meaning that a Weald technician spends a number of days per week on a client site, acting as their IT Manager / Support technician.  This is a named and dedicated engineer to which the client has access to directly, even when he is away from the client site.

Everything can be flexed up and down within contract – we are happy to review quarterly or annually with you.


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