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IT Support in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge

We provide business support in Tunbridge Wells and have done for more than 30 years. Because of this we have good spread of active clients across the county of Kent allowing us to deliver prompt onsite service when necessary. 

Regular Reviews

To ensure that we continue to deliver the set of agreed services, we provide regular ongoing IT reviews with your dedicated account manager free of charge.

Data Security and Compliance

Weald holds ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials plus itself and because of this, we don’t just see the technical data security requirements, but also the business policy and procedural element as well. Due to our experience in this area Weald has been instrumental in many of its clients attaining compliance.

Remote Support

Our Helpdesk Team is extremely well reviewed by our 140 clients and is constantly striving to keep returning great results. It is this constant review and improve process that helps us keep clients happy.

IT Support and Services

Every client has a unique set of needs which accommodate using a mix of services from our portfolio.

IT Support – We provide onsite and remote support for your hardware and software with guaranteed SLA’s.
Managed IT Services – Whether you want to outsource all of your IT or just part of it, we will provide a solution that fits your business needs.
IT Infrastructure – On-premise, hybrid and cloud options.
Data Security – Compliance, Backup and Disaster Recovery
Microsoft 365 – Weald is a Microsoft 365 Cloud Service Provider, advocate, early adopter and expert – learn more
Data Connectivity – We offer an extensive range of connectivity solutions using a selection of trusted providers
Hosted Business Voice – Impartial advice on best of breed Hosted VoIP solutions including Microsoft Business Voice.
Embedded IT Support – A true outsourcing agreement in which we provide your onsite IT support technician.

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No contract required

Monthly subscription to services, no contract and no leaving fee which means it’s a low risk move to Weald.

Being practical, we would suggest a 60-90 day period is needed with a parallel handover too and from any IT supplier.

IT Support and Managed Services
Helpdesk - Get Support !