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Security and Compliance.


As an IT company offering security advice, we thought it would be reasonable for our clients to expect us to hold all of the relevant certifications.  We do!

Weald practices what it preaches and holds the information security standard – ISO 27001

Since January 2019, Weald also has held the Cyber Essentials Plus certification.  Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate

If you want to get certified too, we offer services to bring your systems up to standard and then we use a partner who will inspect & certify.

Identity and Access Management

Protect identities and control access to your resources.
We strongly recommend the use of MFA. It is built into Office 365.

(Multi-factor / 2 Factor authentication)

Where use of mobiles is not appropriate, we recommend the use of 3rd party USB key devices for access control.

See –

Information Protection

One of the basic principles of information security is to ensure documents and emails are seen only by those who ‘need’ to see them.

Data Loss Prevention – DLP

Data Loss Prevention to identify, monitor and protect sensitive data.  In practice this means incoming and outgoing email and attachments will be scanned for credit card numbers, passport numbers, driving licence numbers and long lists of personal information.  It will alert the administrator and prevent the item being sent.

DLP also interrogates information held in SharePoint, Onedrive and Teams – looking for defined characteristics – notifying of breaches.

Ultimately, in order for staff to be able store and transmit data that is considered personally identifiable, they need to encrypt (password) those files.

Threat Protection

Protect against advanced threats and recover quickly when attacked.

Endpoint protection.

Education & Testing


Cyber Essentials Plus as a service
Phishing Tests – as a service
Available from Weald 
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Information protection at desktop/laptop (bitlocker encryption on Win 10 pro).

Encrypted documents and emails.  Use passwords in Excel – this encrypts the excel document.

Manage application usage
Protect against malware and phishing

Security Management

Gain visibility and control over security by using Office 365, Azure and Security Log auditing.

Report on and review incidents.

Respond and change to improve adherence to policy


Cyber Essentials Plus



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