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Office 365

We can help you with Office 365, from migration to the platform, to choosing the correct package for your business, setting it up with Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype for Business, PowerApps – then working through security and compliance with you.

As an early adopter of Office 365, Weald are seasoned experts in the use of this powerful business tool. We will help you extract the value from 365 and give your business an edge.

Anything from a simply email migration and implementation, to those that require a complete set of features that make use of security and compliance, perhaps locking access by IP address, looking at Data Leakage prevention, to logging changes, deletions and policies.

We are also able to set up SharePoint sites that integrate with tables, sql and even make use of PowerApps to deliver applications to mobiles as well as web.

Use of MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication is absolutely recommended, if not essential to ensure that your “secure score” in 365 is acceptable for the GDPR standards that we are all now expected to comply with.

Data Governance
Threat Management
Search and InvestigationOffice-365-Support-Cloud-Specialist

Are just some of the headings that are pertinent in today’s world.

Excellent built in spam and quarantining facilities

Threat management features help safeguard your organization against these attacks by providing insights and tools to help detect and respond to threats like phishing, malware, malicious links, and moTplus.

Do you need to protect your Office 365 data?

Office 365 – Document Classification – Sensitivity and Retention

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