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Internet Connections – Lines, Broadband, Leased Lines, EFM

Fast and reliable Internet Connections for Business

Weald uses a number of providers for lines & internet connections, carrying out a search on your behalf across a full range of suppliers, from talk talk, virgin, vodafone, BT and Zen Internet.

Our longest standing and favourite is Zen Internet.

Copper lines & ADSL / VDSL

Packages listed here:

FttP (Fibre to the Premises) and UltraFast are available in certain areas.

Leased Lines and EFM
List pricing is not available as this is quoted on a per post code basis.

We can say that Leased Lines generally run from:
£400/month for a 100 Mbps /100 Mbps
(1:1 with fail-over)
up to around
£ 700 for 300 Mbps /1000 Mbps
(1:1 with fail-over)

this is based on experience (we run 300/1000) and many clients have 100.

The advantage with Zen Leased lines is proper failover to VDSL at ISP level.  This means they put in a VDSL line and can failover without change to your external IP or configuration.  They are still very competitive - not the absolute cheapest, but if you are buying a leased line - that means internet is important - therefore failover should be too.

The significance of /1000 or /100

The number after the / is called the bearer.  It means that speed of the box BT have connected you to.  100/1000 means you can upgrade in increments by paying some more money.

100/100 means you are at the top of the ability of the box and a significant change and break in contract to upgrade.



Why use Weald - why use what we recommend?

Weald has been around for a while.  We've tried many providers for Internet Connections of all types - from Spitfire, to Gamma, back in the day - Demon.

We recommend based on our experience dealing with a provider, not only the pricing - but how they respond when we report a fault.

By using a provider like Weald, we charge the same pricing as the actual ISP - but we manage the process for you, and if you are in a support contract with us it gives us visibility and stats about your connection.  Very helpful for us when trying to resolve a problem.

In short, we'll get you a good deal, we'll take away some hassle - we'll earn a little commission - and it makes our support tasks a lot easier in the process.


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