Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring….Keep Calm and Carry on.

How to work from home and collaborate with colleagues using Office 365 and Google tools.

Some of most popular requests to our helpdesk over the last week:
“Can I have VPN access?”
“Can I be set up to work from home?”
“I’m going out to buy some laptops, can you set them all up for me?”

VPN or Chrome Remote Desktop

The answer is, it depends what systems you use & have.

If your working files and applications are not “Cloud based” i.e. you still have a server and applications based in the office, so just need access to your desktop PC, then a VPN and Remote Desktop is one way (the traditional way)

Perhaps a quicker and easier way, subject to company IT policy is to use Chrome Remote Desktop – just make sure your computer is not set to sleep!

Office 365 and Collaboration

If you are all Office 365 & Cloud based, then no problem – all of your documents will be in OneDrive and Sharepoint, your document libraries will be in Word & Excel.

Use share in Word & Excel to share and concurrently work on files with colleagues.

Use Teams to message & have phone/video calls.

Change the way you work – and just maybe keep doing it after Corona Virus is all forgotten – because one day, travel won’t be so popular if C02 targets are to be met.

Call Us – we’ll help you get set up.