The Benefits of Using OneNote

Do you need to do a quick screen grab of a web site or something else on your screen?  Do this and select..

Getting it installed and working
Do you need to get OneNote working properly? It now isn’t part of the download on Office 2016 (365) so the plugin may not work in Outlook or other office apps.Re install the product from this link – then it will work –

Fire stuff at it from your Office Apps
Once working – the benefit is that you can quickly fire stuff from Outlook, Word etc – a task, document, note – whatever you want to keep notes on across into OneNote.

OneNote works in Office 365
OneNote works Online too if you have Office 365 – keeps all your data in OneDrive, and the online client is fully featured.  Because your data is in OneDrive, that means it’ll be online, on your desktop, your phone or your tablet.

It’s a printer too
Print to the OneNote printer – make some notes on it, then send on as an embedded image or PDF.

Other cool things: