Pictured above: Barry Poulton – co-founder and Director, Tom Winchester – Sales Director, Mike Nelson – Managing Director, Hazel Morris – Operations Director

Happy New Year and Happy 30th Weald

In this, our 30th year in business – we celebrate the fact that we still have our first clients and first engineer.  True long term business relationships are what give Weald the stability to continue to grow, learn and adapt in this fast moving world.

Thank you to all our customers for your support.  We never forget whose money it is that keeps us running, nor do we forget whose money we are spending when proposing IT investment.

Information Security in 2018

By the end of January, Weald will complete ISO27001, the highest of the Information Security qualifications – a significant investment in time, training and indeed hard cash – but a necessary step placing us ahead of some of our competitors and of course increasing our already high levels of security.

What is ahead for business and Weald in 2018?

Information Security and GDPR will play a big part of the strategic advice and product decisions taken this year, particularly for certain industry sectors.  All businesses must consider the data they keep, why the have it, whether they need it, how they protect it and how they will produce it on request.
It is only right and we believe this will result in better business organisation going forward.

For Weald, our investment continues.  Like all businesses, we want to grow and are putting in place the foundations.  Additional staff have been recruited, roles created and more will be created. We have a new branch in Portsmouth which is starting from scratch.  We have a working model to replicate – but of course a slow start.  We are actively seeking an acquisition of a suitable small IT support provider in the area in order to accelerate our expansion.

We are listening

We have undertaken, and continue to work through – an independent customer survey to gain genuine feedback from our clients.  Not a per ticket stat, but a set of very open questions designed to tease out the frustrations that some clients will surely have with our service.

What we have learnt is that those clients who have dedicated named site engineers and who have regular reviews with Tom or Mike for advice are very satisfied people – but- those that don’t and who interface mostly via our helpdesk are missing a level of advice and a way to talk to the right person first time.  We encourage all our clients, big or small, to contact us if you would like to discuss your current IT setup or plan for the upcoming year – we’d love to schedule a visit.  Your success is our success and it is our job to ensure that you get the most out of the services and products that we recommend.

What we are doing about it:
Communicating more – being more pro-active about review booking.
Additional helpdesk staff to speed response and update tickets / courtesy call more often.
Increasing monitoring sophistication.
Customer success management.
More management monitoring.
Likely increase in line management for 2018.

IT Reviews

There is nothing stopping any client from having regular meetings and reviews, we encourage it and it is a non-chargeable service.  The surveys suggest that IT Reviews are a good thing – it is one of the most valuable things we provide – impartial advice from knowledgeable IT professionals without any sales agenda, just a genuine desire to help your business succeed.

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