Weald was an early adopter of Office 365, one of the top 200 resellers in the UK, a user and strong advocate of the product and its pay per month OPEX model – for both the product and the support of it.

Some of the common products offered by Office 365 are:

Exchange Online Plan 1 – £ 3.00 per user per month
Exchange Online Plan 2 – £ 6.00 per user per month (with security and compliance)

Security and compliance means that all email in & out is collected and stored in a database.  Even when someone leaves, or deletes all their information – you can produce a report or extract of all email relating to a ‘search term’ by person name, subject or whatever.  Great for GDPR.

Office 365 for Business are the most popular plans.

Business Plans with “Office”, but not enterprise so do not run with “Remote Desktop Servers” and do not have “Security and Compliance” features

Business Premium – £ 9.40 per user month – business plan, not enterprise plan, downloadable office
Business Essentials – £ 3.80 per user per month – business plan, not enterprise – all the goodies but not downloadable office

Probably with the GDPR fines becoming active in April 2018, Enterprise plans will become more popular.

Enterprise E1 – £ 6.00 per user per month
Enterprise E3 – £ 17.60 per user per month (has downloadable office & security & compliance)

Want just Office Pro plus on subscription to add to something else:
Office Pro Plus = £ 11.50 per user per month
This will add to another plan and is enterprise grade.

Visio Pro for 365 – £ 9.80 per user per month
Project Online Pro – £ 22.60 per user per month
Project Online Essentials £ 5.30 per user per month

OneDrive for Business Online Plan 2 – £ 7.00 per user per month
This is OneDrive, but WITH security and compliance

There are contract, support and flexibility benefits to buying your MS Office via Weald but should you want to look for more information – use the link below, or just give us a call.

All prices on this page are Ex. VAT and subject to change (if Microsoft changes them).

More information on Office 365 may be found at:

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